The SOCIETY OF CATHOLIC ARTISTS is for those engaged as professional or amateurs in the various disciplines of the Visual Arts, and for all those who recognize the value of the artist as an evangelist assisting in the pastoral work of the church.

Our membership includes painters, stone, wood and metal sculptors, architects, stained glass artists, potters and iconographers.


The SCA was founded in 1929 as part of the centenary celebrations for Catholic emancipation in Britain and was originally known as the Guild of Catholic Artists and Craftsmen.

Membership is open not only to practising Catholic artists but also to all Catholics interested in the visual arts and to those who support the aims of the society.

What We Do

We have always aimed at raising the standard of religious art and encouraging Christian fellowship amongst artists as well as being available to advise prospective patrons and to recommend suitable artists for commissions. Members have been responsible for major artistic work for cathedrals and churches throughout Britain.

A varied programme of meetings and outings is arranged each year together with exhibitions and workshops. In addition, members receive the society’s magazine, the ‘Bulletin’, to which they are encouraged to contribute.

Who Is Your Neighbour?

Mary Donaghey and John Armstrong are working to develop the profile of the society in the UK. One way is to create more groups of members.

The first regional group (Southern) was founded in 1976 in Hove. A second regional group is being founded in the Liverpool region by four members.

In keeping with the SCA Constitution and to extend the focus still further, John Armstrong is now asking members in the North of England and those in the West if they would like to consider getting together to form a third regional group.

The purpose of this DRIVE is to strengthen our society and to increase the influence it already has in declaring our faith through art.

Lockdown time, which comes at a moment to strengthen the society even more, need not prevent committed Catholic artists from contacting one another. This is an exciting time in the development of communication technology.

Can you join us in this new enterprise?
If so, please, contact John Armstrong 01273 881 304



For further information, please send a s.a.e. to: SCA Membership, The Garden Flat, 36 Warham Road, South Croydon, CR2 6LA or Email: Mary Jean Donaghey,

Our Team

Principal Patron His Eminence the Archbishop of Westminster

Margaret Farley

Acting Vice President

Mary Jean Donaghey


Dr Marian Spencer


Lucy Crabtree


Joy Laundy

Social Co-ordinator