I’m originally from Finland and during my teenage years I had to spend a lot of time in hospitals and at home and started painting just to kill the time. Soon I discovered that I can pour some of my inner feelings onto the canvas and as my life got darker and more troubled, my paintings also turned very dark, sinister and even blasphemous. Many years of complete darkness, emptiness and alcohol and drug misuse followed. I hit my rock bottom 2009 and my conversion to faith happened 22.03.2010. I was received into the Catholic Church on Palm Sunday 2013 and I am currently a Novice Brother at the Bournemouth Oratory. My conversion was a complete change and turnaround in my life and just like me, my paintings changed too. I’ve been working for example on a series of paintings of Oratorian Saints and Blesseds. I use egg tempera and oil colours and do drawings too. I’ve had some commissions and have exhibited my work in Finland and London.

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