Barrie died in 2006, aged just 71.

More about Barrie's book here: The Sussex Surrealist.

Barrie Huntbach RIP
Barrie's paintings are mostly bold, figurative works, many feature elements of faith; saints and sinners, devils and angels, the chalice and host, the latter usually in the form of a rustic loaf. His pen and ink drawings, which I believe demonstrate his true genius, are full of characters, almost alive in their composition and expression. They can be disturbing, with strange creatures and almost Steampunk in their depiction. His works have been compared to the artists Stanley Spencer, Hieronymous Bosch, El Grecco and Aubrey Beardsley, but they are uniquely his own.

The SCA gave him a lifelong group of friends, and he valued those close bonds above everything else. He exhibited his paintings with them, and spent hours discussing life and art.

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