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My paintings have been shown at The Royal Academy and The Royal Scottish Academy, and are in private collections in the UK, Europe and the USA.

Man searches for God with spiritual aspiration and longing yet simultaneously God searches for man. It is God’s revelation to humanity that inspires my art. Rather than man’s search for God it is God revealing Himself to us within our lives that drives and underpins my art.

Earlier in my career I painted in abstracts. But, I realised abstract art moves the eye away from what it is to be a human being, subtly fragmenting our sense of personhood it undermines our relationships with both ourselves and others. I turned to figurative painting and saw in a glimpse there is a story already existing that has its own internal logic. It is this I paint: a story that is its own unsolved mystery.

As we are creatures, created in God’s image, a distortion of the human form, or an abstraction and fragmentation, is an affront and degradation. We live in a fragmented world. To abstract with images leads us to less coherence and a loss of identity.

Christ, the Word, speaks in a coherent manner. In my work I strive to reflect this, to follow His way. He is the Way the Truth and the Life – He is wholly man and wholly God – not some formless ‘spiritual’ abstraction the human artist strives to unveil. To paint what is there we must truly know what is there. He is the Truth, Beauty is the real; abstraction and discord are an absence of what should be. He is a person - not a vague abstraction. We live – yet before long we are gone – let us leave harmony, a reflection of the Divine, not disharmony the reflection of man.

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