Pivotal to my practice is the archetypal mother figure. My work is driven and led by this. It comes from the inner core of my being, and it is work that I need to get out of myself and made into something, most usually involving paint. It is deeply informed by my experience of witnessing two of my children very nearly die; one shortly after his birth resulting in severe brain damage and is now 24. And more recently, my daughter who two years ago, suddenly becoming gravely ill with Sepsis, but survived. This all sounds rather dramatic, and I often wonder if anyone really needs to know this, however my personal experiences seems to play out and evolve consistently throughout my work, almost like I cannot let go of the shadow side of life. I do not find this depressing, or morbid, it is more how can I not engage with this side of life that in our society is often the elephant in the room. Or, it is banished, sanitised and projected away for fear of confronting that which we cannot look at.

My experience is that sometimes, people are drawn to my work and onto it, their own story is projected. Or the image speaks to them. This makes me happy, because it means that the power of the visual image is doing its magical thing.

I use Facebook and Instagram to post my work, what I’m up to next and where I’m exhibiting.

I am a member of Manchester Academy of Fine Art (MAFA)

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