My work explores sources of light, both real and spiritual, elemental textures and evocative silhouettes. I work in oil paint and cyanotype photography to create a visual experience that evokes a contemplative mood and awareness of the transcendent. I search for a light source which lifts the mind and spirit.

My process explores the action of fluids, textures and silhouettes in paint. I create layers of strong colour exploring how each layer interacts as it dries and the visual effects of ageing, scraping away or washing over.

I am influenced by Baroque Italy, Abstract Expressionism and Symbolism. My explorations sit between abstract and semi-abstract, referencing traditional religious themes with the visual language of abstraction and the luminescence of stained glass.

I have completed commissions for private chapels and public places of worship. My work can be seen in Enniscorthy Cathedral, Wexford.

My hometown is Wexford, in the Southeast of Ireland. I completed my BA at the National College of Art and Design (NCAD) Dublin, in 2003. I worked as an art teacher in East London and completed an MA in Art Education at the Institute of Education, focusing on Catholic readings of feminist art. I presented a paper called ‘Mysteries of the Flesh’ at the iJade Conference in John Moore’s university in 2010 and I continue to research my interest in the Body in Religious and Feminist art.

I currently live in Cornwall where I am married with 3 daughters. I teach Art and Design and Art History in my position as Head of Creative and Performing Arts at Truro High School for Girls.

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Instagram: @Judithtutinart

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