My work explores the action of fluids, textures and silhouettes in Oil Painting and Cyanotype Photography. I search for a light source which lifts the mind and spirit.

I am influenced by Baroque Italy, the Aesthetic Movement, early photography and Symbolism. In Painting I create layers of strong colour exploring how each layer interacts as it dries and the visual effects of ageing, scraping away or washing over. My painting style has moved from representational to more symbolic and abstract, always with spiritual symbolism. Since 2017 I have been passionate about Cyanotype and its power to capture light, tell stories with symbols as a ‘painterly’ form of photography. In Cyanotype I explore a sense of place through the shapes of wild plants and the memories and associations in nature, clothes and objects.

My hometown is Wexford, in the South East of Ireland. I completed my BA at the National College of Art and Design (NCAD) Dublin, in 2003. I worked as an art teacher in East London and completed an MA in Art Education at the Institute of Education, focusing on Catholic readings of feminist art. I presented a paper called ‘Mysteries of the Flesh’ at the iJade Conference in John Moore’s university in 2010 and I continue to research my interest in the Body in Religious and Feminist art.

I currently live in Cornwall where I am married with 3 daughters. I teach Art and Design and Art History in my position as Head of Creative and Performing Arts at Truro High School for Girls.

Facebook: Art and Photography by Judith Tutin

Instagram: @Judithtutinart

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