I joined the Society of Catholic Artists about 1965 while I was also teaching art.

I present two categories of paintings:

First Group: My religious paintings are self chosen themes inspired directly from the Gospels. None were commissions so they are all free interpretations painted over some years. The Illustrative potential of the Gospel is profound. I was affected by my childhood living in Palestine. The landscape, sights and sounds so closely matched the Gospels.

Second Group: A scheme to involve paintings to support the liturgical themes of each week during the Holy Seasons of Advent, Lent and Easter. Fresh images being provided each year means an element of spontaneity being achieved. These were well received.

John M Thompson is an artist whose work reflects a life journey, often around his home and family and inspired by nature and spirituality. The challenge of teaching art throughout his life has been essential to him in retaining his sense of 'real life' engagement in his own work. Though he is now retired, he finds the impetus to draw, paint and explore manual printing techniques, as exciting as ever.

John studied at the Slade School of Art (part of London University) from 1950-54, at a ground breaking time for art development after the war. Under the famous principal William Coldstream, 'drawing from the life model' was a fundamental discipline on which students expanded their creative perceptions.

His experience as a professional teacher was diverse, starting with a short period in a mountain setting in the Lebanon and then back in England; Finally, a span of 25 years as Head of Art at a large Catholic comprehensive school in North London.

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