Jon Callan, glass artist and designer.
Jon is an artist, who uses glass as his preferred medium, which he treats as a collage material combined with drawing and painting.

Glass differs significantly from canvas and other surfaces in that it imparts transmitted light through the image rarther than light reflected from the surface.

The brilliance of light and colour within fire finished handmade mouth blown glass contains a labyrinth of contradictory quality’s, a transparent canvas that’s solid and delicate , clear and opaque , structurally crafted, Aesthetic and utilitarian, that uses lights astonishing capacity to affect and lift the human spirit.

Jon’s artistic premise is not to create works for their own sake, but rarther to keep architectural considerations always in the forefront with the aim of achieving an integrity that refers to the past and traditional methods. Whilst simultaneously being visibly part of today, seeking innovation and collaboration in projects responding to opportunities and challenges for the uses of glass and associated materials in the architectural space.

Clients include the Roman Catholic Diocese of Plymouth and Portsmouth, the Anglican Diocese of Bath and Wells, Winchester, Salisbury, the Royal Palaces, English Heritage the National Trust local authorities, corporate bodies, private individuals plus public art and arts–in education projects.


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